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Houston Personal Trainers in Houston TX - Ron RussellTop Houston Personal Trainers Ron and Jason are Certified Personal Trainers and Ron is a Certified ACIM Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist (RES-CPT) with over 26 years experience in the personal fitness industry.

Ron also has served for several years as one of the Examiners for Personal Training exams given to new Trainers. In addition, Ron is a Registered Massage Therapist. Both Ron and Jason have certifications in CPR and First Aid.

Serving the Houston area since 1996. See our “Testimonials” page to discover what some of Ron and Jason’s clients have to say about their experience at the Body Master Fitness Studio.

References are available upon request.

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Our Services include Weight Loss Programs, Diet and Nutritional Programs and Supplements, Post Rehabilitation Training, Cardio Training, Aqua Training, Flexability Training, Special Populations, Resistance Training, Stress Boxing, Massage Therapy and much more.
  • Body Master Fitness Studio is a private, exclusive studio. No more than one other client is scheduled during your Personal Training session, so you work out in privacy.

    There is no waiting on others to finish with equipment, so you can move on quickly and efficiently through your workout. This means you are able to work muscle group to muscle group in the proper sequence and tempo that maximizes your workout intensity, resulting in more rapid attainment of your fitness goals. There are no more of those many inconvenient “Club Hassles!”

    Our one-on-one coaching philosophy and method provide motivation and support for better, quicker results from your workouts. Our hands-on approach, bio-mechanical knowledge, and spotting every one of those final tough reps of every set in your workout promote the most dramatic results possible.

    Our Personal Trainer skills reduce your chance of injury during the resistance training phase of your workout. In addition, we are very creative, upbeat, helpful, and enthusiastic. All this makes your workout experience much more fun! You can even choose your own music for your workout!

    We provide flexibility in programming based not only on your fitness goals, but also on the parameters of your day. We complete a comprehensive ten step health screening and fitness assessment for every new client, and we regularly schedule follow-up assessments to chart your progress.

    Additionally, Ron is one of the few personal trainers in Houston who is certified as a rehabilitation exercise specialist (RES), which means he is qualified to help you achieve a maximum recovery to fitness following an injury or surgery.

    Our training can benefit you with overall fitness, toning, body fat reduction, strength gain, cardio-vascular fitness, weight control, body sculpting, flexibility, diet and nutritional guidance, and pre-natal and post-natal fitness. We will teach you to use correct body alignment and proper bio-mechanics specifically for your body’s genetics.

    Furthermore, our Personal Trainer will design a custom program that will be a totally personalized workout routine developed solely for the purpose of meeting your fitness goals.

  • Ever had one of those days? Yeah, you know?! One where you were just totally ticked off? When you just wanted to punch something . . . HARD!?

    Well, come and “knock out” all your stress with us at the Body Master Fitness Studio! If you ever wanted a creative alternative, something completely different from the ordinary aerobic or cardio routine, then why not try Stress Boxing?

    At our studio, we’ll get in your corner and teach you the ropes, with the proper form and technique that will build your confidence, thus enabling you to blow off all your pent up steam.

    In addition to being a great de-stressor and confidence booster, “Stress Boxing” gives you a really super intensive, high energy, extremely invigorating, and totally fun workout! So come on and check it out!

  • Since we have a massage therapy room you can treat yourself to a full-body massage after that grueling workout, or when you just need to de-stress and relax, or get a tweak worked out.

    Depending on your individual needs, you can get a relaxing massage, an invigorating Sports massage, or a deep tissue therapeutic massage. These full body therapeutic massage sessions are at least 30 to 60 minutes long, but can be extended out to one and a half or two hours, should that be what you desire.

    New! We now offer “Hot Stones” massages! These massages incorporate placing warm stones on strategic locations over your body, thereby further relaxing your muscles and enhancing your therapeutic massage experience.

    Massage sessions are performed in a private setting with a relaxing ambiance.

    Conveniently located adjacent to the Body Master Fitness Studio, you only have to make one stop for all your personal fitness needs.

  • Ron and Jason keep up with all the latest nutritional trends, and can provide you expert nutritional guidance as to what does and doesn’t work. In addition, we have several different lines of nutritional supplements that we recommend through our “Links” page. Go check them out.

    Just as we will create a personalized workout routine for you, we can recommend the appropriate vitamin, mineral, and health supplements as well as suggesting a diet program to help enhance your progress.

    Ron and Jason are always on the cutting edge regarding what’s new in the world of nutritionals and will help educate you on these high profile subjects.

  • Have you been injured? Have you had some type of surgery?
    Has your insurance stopped paying for physical therapy, but you’re not recovered yet?
    Do you have a special need?

    We can design a program to pick up from where physical therapy left off, or help you with your special need.

    Ron is one of the few personal trainers in Houston who is certified as a rehabilitation exercise specialist (RES), which means he is qualified to help you achieve a maximum recovery to fitness following an injury or surgery.

    Not only will we develop a program to assist in the rehab and strengthening of an affected area, we will also design your program to incorporate your entire body. We believe in a holistic approach to getting your body Rehabilitated back to a fit level of condition.